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GET SMOKED Persona "P5" Cosplay Costume Embroidered Hat

Needle Little Something

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This is a huge fan favorite. Both the red cap and yellow satin embroidery are high quality and an instant classic.

Don't be a noob, keep yourself looking fresh with these custom hats.

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Grab one for yourself!

- Material: 15% Wool 85% Acrylic
- Size: Adjustable
- Panels: 6
- Structure: Structured
- Profile: High
- Closure: Plastic Snap Closure
- Original Product Color: Red
- Original Thread Color: Saffron Yellow
- More Info: Gray Under-bill, 8 Rows of Stitching on Visor, 6 Sewn Eyelets in Matching Crown Color, Flat Bill
- Embroidered in California, U.S.A.
- Products we offer come from various Countries and States

    Product ID: 125-978