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Make Grocery Bags Great Again Embroidered Reusable Reinforced Tote Bag

Needle Little Something

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Make grocery bags great again! This custom bag is a punny way to go out and save the environment. Worth multiple plastic bags every use, these bags are designed with extra durable shoulder straps and a hard board on the bottom. Being eco-friendly is always in fashion, and When you buy in bulk to hold everything in your shopping carts you save big!

- Material: 100% Cotton
- Size: Adjustable
- Panels: 6
- Structure: Unstructured
- Profile: Low
- Closure:Matching Fabric Hook & Loop Closure
- Original Product Color: Dark Brown, Tan Inside of the Sandwich Bill
- Original Thread Color: Kelly Green
- More Info: Matching Color Sweatband, 6 Rows Stitching on Visor, 6 Sewn Eyelets, Curved Sandwich Bill
- Embroidered in California, U.S.A.
- Products we offer come from various Countries and States

    Product ID: 1000-103