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TOP NEP Embroidered Black Hat-Already Embroidered-

TOP NEP Embroidered Black Hat

Needle Little Something

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With its memorable characters and meta approach to internet and gaming culture, it is easy to say it is one of the most original franchise's out there. Now...Who wants to be Top Nep??? This funny meme hat will be a sure-fire way to make your classmates and friends jealous of your epic TOP NEP Embroidered Black Hat! 

- Material: 85% Wool 15% Acrylic
- Size: Adjustable
- Panels: 6
- Structure: Structured
- Profile: High
- Closure: Plastic Snap Closure
- Product Color: Black
- Thread Color: White
- More Info: 8 Rows of Stitching on Visor, 6 Sewn Eyelets in Matching Crown Color
- Tags: Meme, Funny, TopNep, Embroidered, Anime, Games, Cosplay, Japanese

Product ID: 125-978